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  • Cascade Communications — was a Westford, Massachusetts based manufacturer of communications equipment. FoundingCascade was founded by Desh Deshpande in 1990, and was led by CEO Dan Smith. ProductCascade made a compact Frame Relay system. This system allowed Service… …   Wikipedia

  • Cascade, Seattle, Washington — Cascade is a small neighborhood abutting Downtown Seattle, Washington, USA; it constitutes the eastern portion of what has come to be known as South Lake Union. It is bounded by: Fairview Avenue North on the west, beyond which is the rest of… …   Wikipedia

  • Cascade High School (Everett, Washington) — Cascade High School is a secondary school located in Everett, Washington, United States which caters to grades 9 12 and has an annual enrollment of approximately 1,933 students. Students attending Cascade High School live primarily within the… …   Wikipedia

  • Cascade Range — Geobox|Range name=Cascade Range other name=The Cascades image size=280 image caption=Mount Rainier in Washington state country=United States| country1=Canada state= Oregon state1= Washington state2= California state3= British Columbia state… …   Wikipedia

  • Cascade Tunnel — The Cascade Tunnel was a 2.6 mile (4.2 km) long single track railroad tunnel at Stevens Pass through the Cascade Mountains approximately convert|65|mi to the east of Everett, Washington. It was built by the Great Northern Railway in 1900 to avoid …   Wikipedia

  • Cascade storage system — A cascade storage system is a cascade storage tank system which is used for the refilling of smaller compressed gas cylinders or air cylinders. Each of the large cylinders will be filled by a compressor, but the cascade system allows small… …   Wikipedia

  • Cascade amplifier — A cascade amplifier is any amplifier constructed from a series of amplifiers, where each amplifier sends its output to the input of the next amplifier in a daisy chain. [ [ Center/Amplifier Circuits.htm Innovatia:… …   Wikipedia

  • Cascade converter — A Cascade Converter is a type of motor generator which was patented in 1902 by J. L. la Cour and O. S. Bragstad.It consists of an induction motor driving a dynamo through a shaft. In addition, the rotor of the induction motor is electrically… …   Wikipedia

  • cascade — cas·cade || kæ skeɪd n. waterfall; waves, billows (of fabric or hair); (Internet) addition of quoted text to a follow up message on the Internet v. fall, pour out, flow (as in a waterfall) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • USS Cascade (AD-16) — USS Cascade (AD 16), the only ship of its class, was a destroyer tender in the United States Navy.Originally designed as a passenger freighter, the Cascade was launched on 6 June 1942 by Western Pipe and Steel Company in San Francisco, California …   Wikipedia

  • Nucleophilic conjugate addition — is a type of organic reaction. Ordinary nucleophilic additions or 1,2 nucleophilic additions deal mostly with additions to carbonyl compounds. Simple alkene compounds do not show 1,2 reactivity due to lack of polarity, unless the alkene is… …   Wikipedia

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